Enjoy the story “Models on their way to the top” told within 4 weeks here on starting soon. Until then connect with us via facebook.

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-Home “Models on their way to the top – a picture story
-Sites of group members if you are looking for a photographer, Stylist or Models

The Project (What is this about?):

We are a group of young people: Photographer, Stylist, Models and a project leader that didn’t know each other before the project but work together on an experiment. During 4 weeks we will post photos once a day. At the end the web community decides on the success of this project with the traffic and comments generated.

The idea of this project is to make all participants „famous“ in four weeks. Famous in the sense of getting more visibility. This will be enabled with pictures that are published on the web-site All participants will be named and their web-sites will be linked.

That’s the plan. Although success is not guaranteed, we strongly believe in the power of a highly motivated team and the web-community. We want to prove, that it is possible to become famous in four weeks. You already might know some „cewebritys“?!

If you want to support this, visit us from time to time and feel free to become a fan on facebook or follow us on twitter. If you have a “Flattr” account you can also donate small slices of money and make us a little happier so that we continue working hard to provide world-class content.